The Isthmus

Welcome to The Isthmus -

Big thinkers and ideas abound. Madison is home to the State Capitol, the University of Wisconsin, Edgewood College and Madison College. There’s always something new happening here. Big- city aspects, with a big town feel.

The Facts

12 min | 6 mi to
Downtown Madison

1h 26min | 92.6 mi to
Downtown Milwaukee

​​​​​​​21,827 | Population
39 | Median age / Avg age

​​​​​​​TK | Avg. house price

The Vibe

Music and the arts flourish, from opera to gigs in great venues. Madison is foodie central - inventive restaurants, breweries and a farm-to-table  mentality abound. Of course it would here: The Dane County Farmers’ market is the largest producers-only market in the U.S. Plus you can find a farmers’ market in the Greater Madison area any day of the week.

The Scenery

 The isthmus has an eclectic mix of historic homes and modern high-rise condos, upscale style and bohemian flair in all architectural shapes and sizes. Lake living - with a shore or a water view of  Lakes Mendota and Monona - is a thing here too. 

The Appeal

Madison has a college town vibe, and that Big Midwest welcome? It’s a thing here. It’s a city with lots of energy, and staying active is the norm.With 270 parks, nature is at your fingertips; making it easy to be outdoors + active all year round. 

Out + About

University of Wisconsin
Madison College
Edgewood College
NCAA sports
3 hospital systems
5-lake chain
13 state parks within 1 hour
15+ museums

​​​​​​​Space Faves

Concerts, Art Fair, Farmers Markets and more on The Capitol Square
UW Memorial Terrace
Monona Terrace
UW Lakeshore Nature Preserve + Arboretum
Wonderstate Coffee
The Harvey House

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