Seller's Guide

Are you looking to put your home on the market? We can help you get the best deal in the best timeframe possible

The Process

Assessing your home — understanding the home’s value and strengths
Developing a marketing strategy — determining what demographic would be most likely to be interested in the home and figuring out how to reach them
Pricing — combining your home assessment with the listing prices of similar homes in the area to reach a fair yet competitive price
Solidifying a listing agreement — drafting terms for the contract between the homeowner and real estate broker
Staging — dressing and organizing a home to highlight its best qualities and make it appealing to potential buyers
Enacting the marketing campaign — enticing potential buyers to tour the home and make an offer by spreading the word

Our Marketing Tools

Marketing is one of the most crucial elements of selling a home, which is why we offer a comprehensive service. 


  • Advertisement targeting abilities so your home can land on the radar of the most qualified candidates 
  • High-quality photography and video that tells a story
  • Cutting-edge technology (like drones and 3D pictures) that sets your home apart
  • Virtual tours so your property can be viewed globally
  • A combination of print and online marketing so all bases are covered
  • Staging to showcase your property’s best qualities
  • Exclusive partner networks and pocket listings, leading to connections with more high-quality potential buyers
  • An Instagram and Facebook platform with an audience of 10,000+ monthly visitors
  • Competitive Google advertising and SEO
  • Strategic email campaigns via Mailchimp

Eye for Design

Not only will your home look beautiful, but your marketing materials will, too. Both our digital and print marketing is characterized by being:


Ready, Let's Go!

We're here to inspire a new level of energy and excitement for our clients, our agents, and community. At the end of the day, we know how to do the heavy lifting and take you through the buy/sell process. Because we love what we do, we are convinced you’ll love doing it with us.

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