Welcome to
​​​​​​​The Near West -

Close to campus, it feels just like a college town. Heads up on game day, with its proximity to Camp Randall Badger Football Stadium, the streets awash with red and white fans and tuba playing badgers.

The Facts

5 mi to
Downtown Madison

1.7 mi to UW Hospital

11 mi to Epic

3 mi to Target

14 mi to Dane County Airport

​​​​​​​26,600 | Population​​​​​​​

$461k | Avg. house price

The Vibe

Charmed neighborhoods such as Monroe Street, Westmorland, Radio Park, Midvale Heights, Park Crest and Hill Farms each have their own sense of character. Look for historic homes by famed architects, and everything from brick and clapboard to Mid-century modern appeal. It’s all wedged between Lakes Mendota and Wingra. 

The Scenery

Urban green space is a big and lovely thing in Madison. The University of Wisconsin Arboretum wraps around half of Lake Wingra and spans 1200+ acres of historic restored and diverse ecosystem collections - the oldest in the world, in fact. Across the shore is the Madison’s Vilas Zoo, Vilas Park Beach, and Wingra Park + boathouses. The more centrally located neighborhoods, former homes of professors and UW types, transition west into neighborhoods developed through the eras.


The Appeal

Access to the UW campus, three hospitals and downtown is hard to beat. Getting out of town is easy, with convenient access to Madison’s Beltline, and Interstates it connects with. The lakefronts are accessible by bike and car, and pools dot the neighborhoods; swim team competition is fierce, and fun.

Out + About

State Street
UW Campus and sport facilities
Bike path access
Nakoma Golf Club
Odana and Glenway golf courses
Hilldale Shopping Center
​​​​​​​Owen Conservation Park

​​​​​​​Space Faves

Leopold’s Books, Bar, Caffe
Bloom Bakeshop
The Heights

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