Welcome to Oregon -

It’s a five-corners, old-timey kind of downtown that seems like it should have a ‘50s malt shop and a hardware store where everyone bumps into each other and grandma’s house is just around the corner... And it is.

The Facts

13 mi to Downtown Madison

92 mi to Downtown Milwaukee

2 Golf Courses

11,179 | Population

$437,000 | Avg. house price

The Vibe

Upscale and expansive homes in new developments and a golf-as-a-lifestyle community, The Legend at Bergamont Golf Course + Country Club—an Andy North-designed championship course (he’s a local legend), are a draw, as are sports facilities.

The Scenery

Oregon nestles into the countryside, a welcoming way to wind down or gear up your day. Several buildings maintained from Oregon’s early days are taken up by local businesses. The commute to Madison features a State Capitol Building view. Marshland and wetlands, green spaces, parks of all sizes and more spread across the area.


The Appeal

Oregon balances country life / city access. The petite downtown seems like a mind’s-eye view of and invite to the past. Back to reality, it’s a straight shot to Madison so commuting’s a breeze, whether by auto or pedal. Historic Stoughton is due east, with delightful Main Street appeal, shops, good eats and drinks, and prominent Norwegian heritage on display. And the outdoors, as
​​​​​​​with every community in Madison, is in easy reach.

Out + About

Eugester’s Farm Market
New Glarus

​​​​​​​Space Faves

Sonny’s Kitchen
Firefly Coffeehouse & Artisan Cheese
Kickback Cafe
Ziggy’s BBQ & Ice Cream
The Legend at Bergamont golf course + country club

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