Welcome to Waunakee -

Madison’s northernmost suburb, Waunakee, has the flair of being “the only Waunakee in the World.” It’s a fast-growing, friendly community that expands around and out from downtown and its neighborhoods, including one built around an airstrip.

The Facts

15 mi to Downtown Madison

12 mi to UW Hospital

19 mi to Epic

10 mi to Target

14,879 | Population​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

$545,520 | Avg. house price

The Vibe

 A sweet Main Street features locally owned shops, some historic buildings and homes, a brew pub, wine bar and more. New and upscale developments with expansive homes are taking shape outside of town.

The Scenery

A drive through the country, past fields and farms, is the bucolic way to Waunakee, which sits north of Lake Mendota by a few miles. Plus, drive in any direction and you’ll run into the outdoors, whether it’s hikes in the woods at nearby state and county parks, climbing amid beautiful glacial terrain, or water sports on rivers and lakes. 


The Appeal

What makes Waunakee? Drive in any direction and you can find outdoor activities. New developments with parks, community pools and bike paths. As well as easy access to lake Mendota, highways 19 and 12,  I-90 and I-30.

Out + About

Governor Nelson State Park
Schumacher Farm Park
Lake Mendota
Pheasant Branch Conservancy
Ripp Park
Devils Lake State Park
​​​​​​​Bishops Bay Country Club

​​​​​​​Space Faves

M-N-M's Coffeehouse
Guilty Cafe
Octopi Brewing
Lonegirl Brewing
Drumlin Ridge Winery
Buck and Honeys
Indian Lake County Park

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